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The Cox Law Firm’s Business Collection Services

My name is T. Christian Cox, and I have practiced business collections law in Kansas City for the last 25 years. My clients – from high-profile global finance organizations to small family business owners – come to me because I offer very personalized and professional legal services for business collections.

With my years of experience as a debt collection attorney, I am well-versed in handling almost any collection situation. I understand The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and have an excellent track record of helping clients collect on their accounts receivable portfolios. I have tried just under 100 cases to a verdict, and am very comfortable in a courtroom and/or a trial setting.

How I Pursue Your Debts

I am skilled in pursuing judgments on unpaid balances. After a judgment is obtained, I then take action to collect on the judgment using legal avenues such as garnishments, attachments and lien registrations. I also provide automobile finance companies with auto replevin services.

Since each client presents a different case situation, I offer flexibility in my fee structure by operating on an hourly basis or on a contingency fee basis. If I am handling your case on a contingency fee basis, if I don’t collect for you, I don’t get paid. As a result of this arrangement, I will pursue your accounts receivable portfolio with skilled aggressiveness.

A High Standard Of Service

As I am always striving to provide an excellent service for my corporate clients, I assure my clients that I constantly monitor the progress of their business collection cases. My office operates with cutting-edge computer software, so I am able to efficiently handle a high volume of cases.

My paralegals are educated and licensed to provide excellent support to me throughout each and every step of the business collections, or replevin processes. They are skilled at skip-tracing to find phantom debtors, and they have many years of experience dealing with most of the circuit courts throughout the Kansas and Missouri region.

Contact My Office

Collecting on a debt is a difficult problem, but you deserve payment for the work you do. I can help you do just that. Contact me by phone at 816-897-7902 or through my contact form. I can help you collect the money that is owed to your business or corporation.